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Host Projects and Families

Dear Project Directors and Host families,

Greetings from IVT India,

Welcoming a foreign volunteer in your project !

It is our endeavour to encourage and promote international youth mobility through NGOs promoting voluntary service opportunities. 

In recognition of the educational value of intercultural learning, voluntary service and Globalization, IVT India wants to encourage and build a strong network of NGO's and introduce various types of voluntary service opportunities being offered within its worldwide network of voluntary service projects.

If you are desirous of hosting a young foreign volunteer in your project, by providing accommodation, voluntary work opportunities in association with other volunteers and professionals, do not hesitate to contact us.

Supported by our highly motivated Executive Committee Members, experienced Co-workers and efficient staff - we are looking forward to visit your project and provide you the detailed information about IVT India's hosting programme. 

In case your project is unable to provide accommodation, IVT India will try to find a host family. Where voluntary service placements function as hosts, a weekend family will be identified for the foreign volunteer, so that the volunteer has the opportunity to experience family life. This provides an opportunity to interact and experience life in an Indian family. 


Hosting an foreign volunteer in your home !

In a fast changing, Globalised world the knowledge of other cultures and customs are crucial. Hosting a young foreigner, will be an eye-opener and an enriching experience. It will enhance the understanding of social, cultural and economic disparities amidst nations and peoples. 

IVT India endeavours to bring about open encounters between persons with different values and beliefs. Anybody subscribing to this philosophy is welcome to participate in our programmes. 

If your family is open and eager to learn about another culture, is willing to provide a home environment, a bed, a space to live and study, and share their meals with a young foreigner, please get in touch with us.

  • Hosts participating in the exchange experience, are expected to:
  • Embrace the learning experience inherent in the programme
  • Deal with the needs, hopes, and fears of the foreign volunteer with respect.
  • They are personalities and should be dealt with sensitively
  • Make adjustments to the lifestyle of the exchangees 
  • Seek an understanding of the cultural and personal differences that exist
  • Encourage the foreign volunteer to participate in activities and experiences that will fulfil the goals of the programme
  • Participate in the meetings organised for them and maintain contact with your Volunteer's mentor - assigned by IVT India.

Note To: all Host Projects and Host families,

The Executive Committee Members of IVT India has taken a decision that our foreign volunteers are allowed to travel for a specified time during their programme in India - the same will be informed to you case by case.

IVT India will have three (3) official Meetings/camps for the participants, with monthly meetings and our mentors shall keep in regular contact.

1. Orientation on their arrival,
2. Mid-year evaluation and
3. Final evaluation at the end of the programme.

An Environmental trek and if any official programmes organized by IVT India or with other networking projects & institutions. The volunteers will be required to attend programmes conducted by Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) and other organisations, the same will be intimated to all Host Projects and Host families well in time, the Volunteer can attend the same only if the project permits.

We would also like to remind you that all our Foreign Volunteers have to take prior permission from you and IVT India if they wish to travel, this information has to be given in writing by the Volunteers.

We express our deepest gratitude to you and your staff in advance for taking such good care of our foreign volunteers, we look forward to your support and kind cooperation.


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